Our First Post

What to Say…


The website has pretty well been finished and we are up and running!  We will now have to continue practicing and getting ourselves out there.

There are 2 new band members that Scott and Ian have recruited and together they form ONE AWESOME BAND!  We will be playing all the great rock hits from 70’s all the way to the 2000’s.  The band likes to choose music that is harder to play and most bands wont attempt, but thats what makes it fun and exciting!  You will get to hear bands such as WhiteSnake, Steel Dragon, Led Zeppelin, Ozzy, Montrose, Autograph, LoverBoy, Dio, Great White and many other bands that have inspired many of us out there in the world.

So if you like to have a good happy time and listen to some sweet live music then defiantly come and check us out.  If you ever see us and want to say hi, we encourage you to introduce yourself to the band and have a chat.  We love meeting new people!

As time goes on, we will update the website and let people know what is going on currently and in the future so you can stay updates.  Other than that…Kep on rocking and hope to see you out there.


If you wish to get a hold of us, Please contact the band at FanMail@SuburbanGutterRats.com


P.S  Check out the video and photo galleries.  More will be posted as time progresses.


94 thoughts on “Our First Post

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