Some Older Band Footage With A Few Previous Band Members And Other Talented Musicians

The first video is now with the new members (2023) and just us practicing showing you a few tunes that we do (there may beĀ  a few practice)

This video is our K-tel video of the band practicing and getting list down and gives ya an idea of some of the songs we will be playing

This is a video of us having fun at the edge and meeting up with some old friends we haven’t seen in a while


This video is at the Atria with older members in the band, doing Our Lady Peace


This video is of the Band Playing at the Fox and Goose and we had a bunch of other musicians join together to play Collective Soul It was a fun night!

This video is the band again with older members playing at The Edge in Ajax.

This video is Living Color’s “Cult 0f Personality”