Ian B Miller (IBM)

I have played guitar for about 30+ years and have played in many bands and shows over the years.

A few bands I have been in are: Jibs Songs, ITSARockBand, A band with no name, and currently, Suburban Gutter Rats.

I have worked as a studio musician for a few bands over the years. My YouTube channel where I teach some lessons and have videos of things I have done.

Locally in Durham Region I have played with many musicians having fun such as Darren Smith (Haren Scarem and Red Dragon Cartel AKA Jake E Lee’s Band)  Andy Narsingh (great bass player and singer with Rush Cover Band)  Rickferd Van Dyk (HeadStones, Helix and a Metallica Sanctioned Band)

Presently I am now just playing with the SGR band and having fun and meeting new people.  One of my favorite places to have played is the Atria located in Oshawa, Ontario.  The Atria just has that REAL local feel to it and I have been in and out of that place many many times playing.  (but I bet the staff doesn’t even know whom I am..lol I have been there since, “The Greg “The bouncer” Days”)

I hope to see you all anywhere we play and we promise some great music and good times.


Equipment I use:

Schecter Hell Raiser Guitar

Marshall Stack and amps

Helix floor Board